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Love and Devotion: From Persia and Beyond

Love and Devotion: From Persia and Beyond

Useful websites

These online resources include websites, apps and creative tools that expand on themes and stories featured in Love and devotion: from Persia and beyond, and also relate to the inquiry units and supporting activities.

Stories, images & translations

Bahram Gur and Fitna story translation from the Haft Paykar of Nizami – select 'Titles' and view The Haft Paykar of Nizami and The story of Bahram Gur and the girl named Fitna of Chinese Turkestan

Eric Clapton and 'Layla and Majnun' – article on the Eric Clapton song inspired by Nizami

Iskandar/Alexander the Great – from the Smithsonian's Freer and Sackler Galleries

Oriental Books (free iPhone app) – Oriental treasures of the Bavarian State Library including works by Firdausi and Nizami

Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam – online text of FitzGerald's seminal translation, in both English and Latin

Rustam and the white div – the Shahnama story, from the Smithsonian's Freer and Sackler Galleries

Translation of Rustam and the white div – from the Iran Chamber Society

Rustam slays the white div – images and story from the Fitzwilliam Museum

Suhrab slain by Rustam – images and story from the Fitzwilliam Museum

The story of Rustam and Suhrab – images and story from the British Library

Translation of the Rustam and Suhrab story – from the Iran Chamber Society

Susan Scollay on Persian poetry (video)Love and devotion: from Persia and beyond exhibition co-curator Susan Scollay discusses the exhibition and the fascinating stories within it. 

The Shahnama: 1000 years of the Persian book of kings – from the Smithsonian Institution’s peerless collections of Asian art

The Shahnamah: structure and themes – from the Fitzwilliam Museum

Translation of the Shahnama – Iran Chamber Society

The Shahnama project – a comprehensive collection of manuscripts of the Shahnama, produced over a period of more than 600 years

The Shahnama project: scenes – a list of scenes and accompanying manuscript images, including Suhrab, Siyavush, Yazdagird the sinner (including the story of Bahrum Gur) and Kay Kavus (including the story of Rustam and the white div)

The Shahnameh and the kings – interactive web resource from the Fitzwilliam Museum, including information about Alexander the Great (Iksandar)

Siyavush and the fire ordeal – story and images from the Fitzwilliam Museum

Translation of Siyavush and the fire ordeal – Iran Chamber Society

Treasures of Islamic manuscript painting from the Morgan Library and Museum –  an online exhibition featuring illustrations from Firdausi’s Shahnama and Nizami’s Khamsa

 Online tools

digital storytelling

ACMI storyboard generator – choose a script & ceate a storyboard

Digital stories – State Government of Victoria resource about digital storytelling

Digital storytelling and iPads – wiki resource

Digital storytelling types – examples of various types of digital stories

Educational uses of digital storytelling – learn about digital storytelling & storyboarding

Keynote – create a presentation on Apple Mac devices

Microsoft Photostory 3 tutorialshow to use Windows' free digital storytelling software

collaborative creativity – brainstorming & mind mapping

Google Docs presentations  collaborative presentations

Timetoast – timeline generator

Wallwisher – online noticeboard

comics & animation

Comic Life in education – make comics in the classroom

Comic life (video tutorial) – tutorial for educational comic creation software

Comics in the classroom – resources to support teaching with comics

Puppet pals (iPad app) – tell stories using multimedia

SAM animation – stop-motion animation software

Strip designer (iPad app) – turn your images into comic strips

Toondoo – free online comic creator

Comics, games & puppetry

Prince of Persia: Jordan Mechner – news about creator Jordan Mechner’s graphic novels, computer games and movie linked to the Prince of Persia phenomenon

Prince of Persia: author's afterword (PDF) – Jordan Mechner discusses the development and influences behind his Prince of Persia creations

Rostam: tales from the Shahnameh – a series of comic books based on the Shahnama (includes Rostam and Sohrab

Rostam adventure comic (iPad app) – free app based on the Rostam: tales from the Shahnameh comic books

School of puppetry – information about rod puppets

Manuscripts, culture & visual literacy

Artistic media – techniques and media used by artists

Elements of art – the fundamentals practised by artists

'Medieval imagination' education kit – an education resource procuced for the State Library of Victoria's blockbuster Medieval imagination exhibition, focusing on illuminated manuscript production and medieval European society

Mughal art – images and information from the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Ottoman art – images and information from the Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Persian miniature – a brief history

Princely patronage and the Shahnama – from the Fitzwilliam Museum

Understanding form & other artistic elements – educational resource from the J Paul Getty Museum

What is visual literacy? – Visual literacy in the classroom

Love & devotion in the UK

The Bodleian Libraries is showing its own presentation of the Love and devotion exhibition at the Exhibition Room, Bodleian Library, in Oxford, England, between 29 November 2012 and 28 April 2013.

Learn more about how you can visit this exhibition on the Bodleian Libraries website.


Love and devotion: Persian Cultural Crossroads

This two-day conference held in April 2012 featured distinguished international guests and Australian specialists exploring cultural convergences in literature, the arts and architecture, history and philosophy within Persia's cultural sphere and Europe, from the 11th century to the present day.

For information on keynote speakers & topics discussed, visit our conference page

Visit the exhibition

The Love and devotion exhibition took place from 9 March to 1 July 2012. In-depth information about the exhibits and themes can be found on this website.

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