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The travels of Monsieur de Thevenot

The travels of Monsieur de Thevenot into the Levant

Jean de Thévenot, The travels of Monsieur de Thevenot into the Levant, London, H Faithorne, J Adamson, C Skegnes and T Newborough, 1687

State Library of Victoria, RARESF 915 T34

Jean de Thévenot was a linguist, natural scientist and inveterate traveller. His wealth enabled him to travel extensively, and after journeying through Europe he sailed for Istanbul in 1655. Over the next 10 years he travelled to Egypt, Palestine, Tunisia and Syria.

He first entered Persia in 1664, visiting Isfahan, Shiraz and Persepolis over 14 months before continuing to India. Returning to Persia in early 1667, he was accidentally wounded by a gun shot and died some months later on the way to Tabriz.

Thévenot was proficient in Persian, Arabic and Turkish, and his accounts contain a range of information about the lands through which he travelled.