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The interpretation of Zulaykha’s dream

The interpretation of Zulaykha’s dream

From a manuscript of Jami, Yusuf u Zulaykha, dated AH 940 (1553 AD)

Persian stories make frequent use of premonitions and dreams that foreshadow events in the lives of protagonists such as Yusuf and Zulaykha.

Yusuf makes use of his ability to interpret dreams to gain release from prison and eventual reunion with Zulaykha. Their fate has been set in a dream of Zulaykha’s that begins the story. In her dream she sees Yusuf as a beautiful young man, a minister of the Egyptian pharaoh. Accordingly, Zulaykha’s father arranges for her marriage to the real-life minister, Potiphar. But the real man of her dreams is Yusuf, who soon arrives in the household as a slave.