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Bahram Gur hunting with Dilaram

Bahram Gur hunting with Dilaram

From a manuscript of Navaʾi, Sabʿa Sayyara (Seven planets), dated AH 960 (1553 AD), Bukhara

Bodleian Library, University of Oxford, MS Elliott 318, fol 18r

Nizami’s tale of Bahram Gur visiting seven princesses was much imitated by later poets. One of the most significant versions was by Mir ʿAli Shir, known as Navaʾi, a courtier and close companion of Sultan Husayn Bayqara, at the Timurid court of Herat.

This outstanding miniature painting comes from a copy of Navaʾi’s telling of the tale in the Chaghatay Turkish language rather than Persian.